Short-term technical preparation

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Short-term technical preparation
1 Factors athletes need to consider
1.1 Kit and equipment
1.1.1 Climate
1.1.2 playing surface
1.1.3 indoor and outdoor
1.1.4 Protection
1.2 Enviromental and cultural factors
1.2.1 Boots on hard ground
1.2.2 home support and pressure from the media
1.3 Acclimitaisation, humidity and heat
2 use of ergogenic aids
2.1 Devices that enhance performance legally
2.2 Ice vests; reduce body temperature so more blood flows to muscle
2.3 Hypoxic chambers
2.4 Chemical aids e.g. creatine
2.5 sports massage
2.6 Psychological aids; imagery
3 Use of drugs and supplements in sport
3.1 WADA outlines three factors that influence whether a substance is legall or not
3.2 Does the substance physically enhance performance
3.3 Is the substance deprimental to health
3.4 Does the substance conflict with the general spirit of the game
4 Reasons for prep camps and pre performance routines
4.1 Many athletes got through specific routines to prepare mentally and physically for preparation e.g. sticking to the same diet
4.2 Holding camps are used for a base for training and preparation
4.3 The british olympic association identifies two camps;
4.3.1 Holding camps; used in weeks prior to competition. allows athletes to adjust to time zones and climates
4.3.2 Preparation camp; a training base allowing athletes to familiarise themselves with the location. Used up to a year before the event

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