Methods Of Training

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Methods Of Training
1 Fartlek Training
1.1 Sweedish Word - Speed Play
1.2 Focus' on different speeds and intesities
1.2.1 helps improve aerobic/anaerobic systems
2 Cross Training
2.1 Athletes use other activities rather than their own sport
2.1.1 A footballer swimming to to improve Cardio-Vascular fitness
3 Circuit Training
3.1 Focus' on working all muscles.
3.1.1 Tailored to suit your sport - can change length and intenisty Easy to set up - any sports person can participate
4 Weigh Training
4.1 Focus' on muscular strength - measured in "Sets & Reps"
4.1.1 Can help in sports such as Rugby, Boxing and Weight Lifting
5 Intreval Training
5.1 Short working periods of exercise
5.1.1 High intensity followed by a rest Good for improving anaerobic systems Sprinters may use interval training
6 Continious Training
6.1 Working at constant rate (60-80% of maximum.)
6.1.1 must be atlest 20 mins to take effect Can be very boring

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