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Grade 9 human ecology cooking terms

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Sift To put dry ingredients such as flour through a sifter or strainer. This is done to add air, remove small lumps, or mis two ingredients
Puree To make foods smooth
Baste To brush or pour a liquid over a food as it cooks
stir-fry stir-frying also combines frying and moist heat cooking. Small amout of oil is used
Dredge To coat a food with dry ingredients, such as flour or crumbs
Boil To heat 100 degrees or higher
simmering to cook food using a liquid between 86 degrees-99 degrees celcius
steam To cook food, but not in boiling water. You use the steam from the boiling water to cook it
Roast To cook meat in a shallow, uncovered pan with a rack
Bake To cook food that is uncovered
Pre-heat To turn the oven on before cooking to reach the desired temperature
Broiling Cooking food under direct heat
Pan -broil Dry heat cooking
Saute To brown or cook food in a skillet with a small amount of fat on low-to-medium theat
Pan-fry To brown larger pieces of meat, poultry, or fish before cooking them in moist heat
Deep-fat-fry Food is immersed in hot fat and fried until done
Braising To brown food and simmer it for a long period to tenderize food and enhance flavour
slice To cut a food into large, thin pieces
Cube & Dice To cut food into small, square pieces
Pare To cut off a very thin layer of peel
Grate To cut food into small pieces or shreds by pressing and rubbing the food against a rough surface
score To make shallow, straight cuts in the surface of a food. Helps to tenderize meat. A sliceing knife is usually used
Chopped To cut food into small, irregular pieces
Mince To cut food into very small, irregular pieces
Cream To beat together ingredients such as shortening and sugar, until soft and creamy
Whip To incorporate air into a mixture to make it light and fluffy
Fold To gently mix delicate ingredients with a rubber scraper or wooden spoon
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