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Nate Core Essentials


Test question that will be given for the NATE core essentials course
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Volume of a room Width ft. X Height ft. X Length ft. = ft3r power
Square ft. Length ft. X Width ft.
CFM per ton of cooling 400 cfm per hour
Define CFM Cubic Feet per Minute
Find CFM for 14,400 cubic ft. room needing 5 air changes per hour 14,400cf / 60min = 240cfm 240cfm X 5 = 1,200cfm
What is the cross section of 10in round metal duct Pi X Radius to the 2 power
Please excuse my dear aunt sally Parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction
BTUH Sensible heat equation 1.08 x cfm x Delta-T
BTUH Latent heat equation .68 x cfm x delta - grains
Total heat equation 4.5 x cm x delta - enthalpy
how to convert Watts to BTU's W x 3.413
Resistance in series r1+ r2 +r3 = total r
resistance in parallel 1 / 1/r1 +1/r2 +1/r3 =
capacitors in series 1/ 1/c1 + 1/c2 + 1/c3
hp2 = hp2 = hp1 x (cfm2/cfm)3rd power
static pressure 2 = sp2 = sp1 x (cfm2/cfm1)2
revolutions per minute rpm rpm2 = rpm1 x (cfm2/cfm1)1
What are the 3 fan laws revolution per minute 2 ()1 static pressure 2()2 horse power 2()3
area of a rectangle l x w
area of a circle pi x radius 2nd power
diameter of a circle: circumference / pi
air velocity ft/min
air velocity equation ft/min = cfm / duct area .
volume: cfm = Cubic Feet per minute
static pressure is measured in inch w.g.
What does delta mean symbol triangle = difference
pi = 3.14159
h.g. stands for: inches of mercury
atmosphere pressure at sea level 14.7 psi
1psi = ( )w.g. 27.7612 w.g.
1psi = how many in h.g: feet of water: in of w.: h.g.29.92 33.9ft of water w.g.406.8
turn btu sensible equation into cfm equation btu = 1.08 x cfm x delta-t cfm = btu / 1.08 x delta-t
latent heat also refers to humidity in the air
psychrometer unit of measurement grains
convert 10in by 8in sq duct from sq into sq ft. 10x8=1802ndp 180 x (1/144) = 1.25ft2ndp
velocity = cfm / grill area in inch. that has been converted to sq ft.
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