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What is The British Constitution made up of? (5) Constitutional Monarchy - power lies with a democratic government, the Prime Minister and Ministers who rule in The Queen's name. Unwritten Constitution - where there is no single document written and passed at a particular date in history that lays down how we are governed. Separation of Powers - ensures the three benches of government remain separate and the country remains a democracy. Sovereignty of Parliament - a key principle of the constitution which means parliament is the supreme legislative government. Democracy - a system of government by elected representatives.
What is The British Constitution? It lays down the rules and principles which determine the structures and powers of the government.
What is the UK Government made up of? (8) Prime Minister - head of UK government. They are ultimately responsible for all policy and decisions. Coalition Government - a government / executive made up of two or more political parties, reducing the dominance of any one party. Collective Responsibility - where all ministers can't be seen to disagree in public. Ministers - chosen by the Prime Minister from the members of the House of Commons and House of Lords. They are responsible for the actions, successes and failures of their departments. Individual Ministerial Responsibility - secretaries of state who are responsible for themselves and for the actions of their department. Special Adviser - appointed by ministers to provide policy advice, independent of the civil service. Secretaries of State - appointed by the Prime Minister to be in charge of a department i.e. Health. They are the most senior ministers who sit in the cabinet. Permanent Secretary - the top civil servant for each government. department.
What is the Monarchy made up of? (6) The Sovereign Grant - the payment which is paid annually to the Monarch by the Government. Absolute Monarchy - exercises all power. Privy Purse - used to meet both official expenditure incurred by The Queen as Sovereign and private expenditure. Royal Prerogative Powers - formal powers exercised by the monarch, where The Queen offers advice and The Prime Minister makes the decisions. Royal Assent - the Monarch's agreement to make a Bill into an Act of Parliament. Queen's Speech - gives opportunity for debate during the consideration of proposed legislation.
What is the House of Commons made up of? (7) Backbench MP - represent constituents. They are not members of the government and vote on and amend legislation. Second Stage - the first opportunity for MPs to debate the main principles of the Bill. Private Members Bill - gives individual MP's the opportunity to introduce their own bills. The Speaker - elected by MP's. Keeps order in the House of Commons, calls speakers to take part in debates / ask questions and rules on procedure. Public Bill - change the law as it applies to the general population. Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) - introduce independent regulation of MPs’ business costs and expenses and, subsequently, pay and pensions. Whips - MP's who act as a link between frontbench and backbench and instruct backbenchers how to vote.
What is the House of Lords made up of? (5) Life Peers - appointed by the Queen, nominated by the Prime Minister. Introduced more people from different professions, and more women into House of Lords. The receiver cannot pass the title on to his or her children. Hereditary Peers - Hereditary Peers inherit their title and consists of five ranks: Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount and Baron. Supreme Court - the final court of appeal in the UK for civil cases, and for criminal cases from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It hears cases of the greatest public or constitutional importance affecting the whole population. Lords Spiritual - made up of the Archbishops of Canterbury and of York, the Bishops of London, Durham and Winchester as well as specific bishops of the Church of England. Whips - MP's who act as the link between the frontbench and backbench and instruct backbenchers how to vote.
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