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when was Bangladesh flooding? 2007
where is Bangladesh? south Asia the capital is Dhaka
what rivers caused the flooding? Brahmaputra ,Meghna and Ganges
how many people in agriculture there? 2/3
population? 162 million
human causes of the flood -urbanisation -irregular dredging -people on water development board pocketed money rather than prevention -deforestation
what are the physical causes of the river? -climate change -rained lots in dry season -80% flood plain -snow melt from Himalayan mountains -on Ganges delta and tributaries of bay of Bengal -heavy rainfall -one region 900mmof rain fell in July. silt blockage rising sea levels 25% of Bangladesh 1m above sea level -heavy monsoons.
primary effects -over 2000 deaths -25 million made homeless -factories closed and livestock killed -112000 houses destroyed in India -rivers polluted with rubbish +sewage -2.5 million living on a temporary island.
secondary effects -children lose on education as 4000 schools affected -100,000 caught water-born diseases -flooded fields Basmati rice price rose 25% -farmers and factory owners unemployed -forced migration -hand to mouth existence
immediate response -no evacuation due to blocked infrastructure -other government +international charities donated food, water and medical care -rescue boats sent out for rescue
long-term response -rebuild houses funded by international aid -rebuilding of businesses -houses built on stilts -adapt to water life and use waterways
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