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A land or Boundary Survey locates property corners and boundary lines True
Topographic map accurately show the shape of the earth by the use of contour lines. True
A Route Survey will produce a closed traverse. False
The principle function of a Topographic Survey is to locate elevations and features on the land True
Cadastral Maps are large scale maps that accurately show the features in a city or town True
A direction measured clockwise or counter clockwise with respects to a compass is called a bearing True
If a line actual length is 2", but we need to interpret it at a scale of 1"=200', the length would be 40' False
The terms departure and latitude are associated with property closure calculations. True
48°40’25” + 25°40’25” = 74°20’50” True
In AutoCAD 2015, lasso has been added as a new object selection tool True
One characteristic of Geographical maps is that they are drawn at large scales False
One degree of longitude is equal always equal to approximately 69 miles False
Parallels of longitude are constructed approximately the same distance apart False
By default, annotative text placed in model space through a viewport will display in viewports on other layouts that share the same scale True
An intermediate contour line is identified by its hidden line type False
A map profile can be compared to a top view of a part drawing False
P.C. stands for point of end curve when dealing with horizontal curve data. False
The point where the initial grade intersects with the final grade is abbreviated PVI (point of vertical intersection) True
Contour lines are imaginary lines (on the ground) that connect all points that are the same elevation True
If HI is at 234’ and the foresight is read at 4’, the unknown elevation would be 230’ True
The bearing of a line is N70W - what would true azimuth (from north) be equivalent to? 290 Degrees
What is the decimal foot equivalent to 128’9.15”? 128.7625'
The angular measurement of 1372’52” expressed in proper, simplest form would be ... 14(Deg)12'52"
A type of survey that is conducted as if the earth were flat is referred to as a __________ survey. Plane
The ______ is an imaginary line passing through Greenwich, England and the north and south poles. Prime Meridian
As it relates to Latitude & Departure calculations… Latitude = Distance x _________ of the Bearing Cosine
Meridians of __________ pass through the north and south poles. Longitude
Parallels of ____ are measured from the equator going north and south. Latitude
If annotative text is being place in a view port with the scale set to 1”= 100’ feet and the text is expected to be 1/8” high on the plot - text should be created at a height of ______. 1/8" (0.125)
What is the interior angle formed between N30°15’10”E and S10°30’E? 139(deg)14'50"
The graduated survey tool, read by a level and used by surveyors to determine elevations is referred to as a _____________ rod. Philadelphia
In order to have AutoCAD recognize bearings, ____________ units must be set in the units dialog box. Surveyors
If you want to draw a line 80’ from the last point at an angle of N4518’08”E, (and dynamic input is turned off) how would it be typed in at the “Specify Next Point” prompt using AutoCAD? @80'<N45d18'08"E
12°34’56” - 6°12’57” = 6d21'59"
Arbitrary points established in a survey usually located 100 feet apart are referred to as... Stations
This contour line is always a heavy line weight and holds the elevation value. Index
This term describes the process of estimating unknown elevation values. Interpolation
In horizontal curve data, the _____________ angle is between the P.C and P.T. points. delta
A ________________ contour line shows a much lower elevation. Depression
With architectural dimension style, text is orientated ... Aligned
Which of the following cannot be used to insert a block into a drawing? BLOCK command
To display the Attribute Definition dialog box, access the ____ command. ATTDEF
If the value of the attribute should always be the same, select the ____ mode when you create the attribute. Constant
Blocks containing attributes are created using the ____ command. BLOCK
Blocks containing attributes are inserted into a drawing using the ____ command. INSERT
A value that defines custom properties such as positions, distances, and angles for objects in a dynamic block is called a(n) ____. Parameter
What is the meaning of the yellow alert icon that may appear next to a parameter in the Block Editor? No action has been assigned to the parameter
Most important factor when selecting the scale for a section is... Purpose of the section
Which parameter and action would you use to allow a door to be placed on either side of a wall? Flip parameter, flip action
Which type of value set would you use to specify valid values of 28, 30, 36, 48, and 52? List
Which of the following is not a possible advantage of using a parameter set? Increased flexibility
Which command can be used to attach an AutoCAD drawing as an external reference? XATTACH
Which of the following is not a path type option for attaching external references? Coordinate path
If an xref file named Electrical contains a layer named Wiring, the layer shows up in the host drawing as ____. Electrical|Wiring
To remove an external reference from a host drawing, you can ____ it. Detach
Typical floor plan drawing is ... 1/4"=1'
The American Institute of Architects is responsible for the Y14.5-2009 dimensioning standard used in mechanical drafting. False
In architectural drafting, the location of doors and windows are usually dimensioned to their centers. True
The Dimension Style Manager allows you to change the current dimension style. True
A block can be redefined in the Block Editor without being recreated. True
Attributes are often used as the basis for parts lists and bills of materials. True
An attribute is displayed when the block is inserted unless the Verify mode is set. False
If the Constant mode is selected, no prompt appears when the block is inserted. True
Attributes provide an efficient way to automate the creation of title blocks. True
To open a block in the Block Editor during its creation, check the Dynamic check box in the Block Definition dialog box. False
The label that indicates the purpose of a parameter is called a tag. False
A dynamic block can contain either geometric constraints or action parameters, but not both. False
Once you define and insert a block, only constraint parameters, action parameters, or actions influence the block’s geometric constraints. True
Only one xref can be attached to a drawing at a time. False
An advantage of using external references is smaller file sizes. True
Xrefs must be reloaded manually each time you open the host drawing. False
Typically wall and base cabinets are omitted from a floor plan. False
It is typical to note number of stair risers on a floor plan. True
A jamb is a shelf or slab of stone, wood, or metal at the foot of a window or doorway. False
Architectural dimensions are unbroken lines with dimensions placed above the line. True
Curved leaders sometimes used to eliminate confusion True
1. Clear Height 2. Tread 3. Nosing 4. Riser 5. Stringer
Top of the steel elevations notes are important in the determining how two beams are connected True
A kip is a unit a measure dealing with length of a beam False
Furniture and people would be considered dead loads False
TS is the designation for structural tee shape False
Structural pipe comes in 3 sizes with the difference being the inside diameter. True
Framing plans are shown in the elevation view False
A fabrication detail (shop Drawing) would not contain hole location False
The 4th number in an angle shape designation is the thickness of the material False
If a tee shape was made from a W24x76 it would be WT24x76 False
If a weld is to be done in the field, a note should be placed in the tail of the weld reference line False
What is the difference between a distributed load and a concentrated load? Distibutive load is one that extends over a substantail portion or the entire length of beam. Concentrated load acts on one point
Discuss the difference between shop and engineering drawing. Engineering drawings - are used to provide an overall picture of the job for sales, marketing, estimating and/or engineering purposes. Shop Drawings - Contain much details. used for designing, fabrictaing, and erecting the structural products that go into a job. Both - used to create working drawings
Name three elements that would appear on a structural steel shop drawing that would not appear on the engineering drawing 1. Fabrication details for every structural member in a job. 2. Details of miscellaneous connections 3. Bill of material
What's the difference between live load and dead load Dead Load - Remains constant (cannot be removed) Live Load - Includes loads from people in the building, equipment, stored in the structure (can be removed)
The line side of a polarized capacitor symbol indicates the negative side. False
When designing a circuit board, direction and orientation of components should be considered. True
The three connections of a transistor are the base, cathode and emitter. Flase
The primary and secondary sides reference the ends of a transformer. True
Transistors are noted using their catalog number. True
If a line with an arrow crosses through a capacitor symbol, we could assume it adjustable. True
The shorter line on the battery symbol indicates the positive side. False
A wire harness diagram (the nail board) is usually drawn NTS False
A lineless connection diagram would contain a table to note to, from, and other information regarding connections. True
A transformer symbol resembles half of an inductor symbol False
Inventor’s nailboard option will create the idw file of the harness. True
As it relates to wire selection, solid conductors offer superior handling and flexing qualities. False
Baseline diagrams feature components drawn in their approximate exact location within the assembly. False
Inventor offers both manual and automatic routing of cables and wires. True
Destination codes are used on both baseline and highway diagrams True
This type of washer has most superior holding ability by cutting into the chassis and also is a good for ground. External Tooth
To simplify the rating of a resistor, which of the following may be considered... Make a blanket statement in the general notes
Which is not true regarding reference designator box? Will show value of each component.
This wire type often used in radio and television antenna systems is designed to exclude or contain undesirable radiation interference. Coaxial cable
This component can be general, polarized, or adjustable. Capacitor
The 4th color band of a resistor represents... the tolerance
Regarding schematics and use of the non-dot system,... a. a dot is placed at all crossovers. b. a dot is placed at all T intersections c. a dot is placed only at T intersections. d. none of the above none of the above
During the Inventor Harness exercise, Connector Authoring was used to …. …establish natural curve in wire display.
The core of a transformer can be determined by.... the linetype of the parallel lines within the symbol.
A resistors are valued in Ohms and rated in _______________. Watts
Point-to-Point Connection Wiring Diagram: 1.Components drawn in approximate location 2.Can take much time to read if many components and wires are involved. 3.Most anyone can understand how to read this diagram.
Highway Connection Wiring Diagram 1.Destination code is used - placed on feeder lines. 2.Components drawn in approximate location.
Baseline Connection Wiring Diagram 1.Destination code is used - placed on feeder lines. 2.Heavy horizontal line separates components - half above and have below 3.Also called airline style diagram
1.Prevents damage to assemble 2.Quality control easier 3.High priced technicians may not be needed for installation and servicing Benefits of Wiring Harness
1. Utilize Reference Designators 2. Can be done in dot or non dot method Electronic Schematic Diagrams
Opposes the flow of electrons in a circuit Resistor
Has a primary and secondary section Transformer
One end is referred to as anode Diode
farads, voltage, and tolerance Capacitor
Rating in Heneries Inductor
DC current source Battery
NPN and PNP Transistor
Electronic devices in a single package Integrated Circuits
Open and closes a circuit Switch
Return the circuit directly to earth Ground
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