Elizabethan unit- history- Elizabeth's court and her parliament

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What significant events occurred in Elizabeth's childhood? Anne boleyn was executed- she encouraged Henry to change the church/Her brother Edward v1 died at 15/'Bloody Mary' made england catholic again- killed 300 protestants/ henry married catherine parr- she influenced her with protestant beliefs/ wyatt rebellion(1554)- rebellion of 4000 marched to london to rebel against Mary
Who was powerful in Elizabethan England? Royal Court/ Privy council/ Lord lieutentants/ Justices of the Peace
Give two facts about the ‘Royal Court’. Made up of around 1000 people/Tried to gain access to Elizabeth and become one of her ‘favourites’ (Robert Dudley and Earl of Essex) /Often went on a Royal tour called a ‘progress’/clothes were a symbol of fashion and status and furniture was cool
What did a progress consist of? a tour, when they would visit important people across England, but it also allowed ordinary English people to see in Elizabeth, making many more loyal
Elizabeth often gave a ‘patronage’ to her loyal subjects and ‘favourites’, what does this mean? Elizabeth gave important jobs, titles or business monopolies to those who won her favour!
Why was the Privy Council important? It was made up of the most powerful and influential nobles in England/appointed by Elizabeth, she could make her ‘favourites’ members/ Led by secretary of state, who was often Elizabeth’s most trusted advisor/ran the country on a day-to-day basis
What was the role of Parliament in Elizabethan England? Only met if the Queen needed them and ‘called’ them/ made up of wealthy, educated men/influence over tax and passing laws
Give one fact about Lord Lieutenants. Appointed by the Queen and took responsibility of an area of the country/ had to raise a militia if needed in times of war/ many were also Privy Councillors, giving them more power and influence
What was the role of a ‘Justice of the Peace’? Selected from the local gentry to maintain Law and order/ Could send a criminal to prison and more than one could issue a death penalty
What happened to the earl of essex Essex tried to see Elizabeth for a private meeting and walked in on her not wearing a wig! She was enraged and dismissed him. Believing Elizabeth had been turned against him by ‘evil’ councillors, Essex led a rebellion in 1601. However this failed when all were branded traitors and enemies of the crown. Losing his supporters, Essex gave himself up, was arrested and beheaded.
who had power in elizabeth's court (william cecil and francis) William Cecil (chief adviser, advised on foreign affairs, pushed for mary q of s trial in 1586/Francis Walsingham(uncovered 1583/86 plots+helped to estbalish as naval power)
Who had power in elizabeths court( Hatton an Dudley) Hatton(helped with the middle way and involved in trial of bab plotters)/ Rob(protector of realm(1562) and earl of leicester and privy counciller)
Reasons for marriage create an alliance with a powerful foreign country or win the support of a powerful english family/to produce an english heir to carry on the tudor dynasty/ prevents mary q of s from ruling after elizabeths death
reasons against marriage marys marriage to phillip o spain was seen as disaster and failed to produce and heir/ marrying a foreign ruler could lead to England falling under their control/she could lose authority/ she could keep independence- in 16th cent husband legally had authority/giving birth was risky- jane seymour died o childbirth
why was marriage so important? she could ensure a tudor dynasty and a protestant future/ increased liklihood of rebellion without it/ mary q of scots/ 1562 she caught smallpox
name the suitors she could have married Robert Dudley/Phillip II of Spain/Francis Duke of Alencon/Sir Christopher Hatton
who did she say she was married to 'married to England'- 1564
What was the aim of the duke of norkolks rebellion Ridolfi plot- 1571- excommunication gave catholics motivation to plot as they no longer obeyed her- Roberto ridolfi carried messages for mary to duke of alva(netherkands)pope,king o spain/ mary would then marry duke of norfolk
what was the significance of the duke of norfolks rebllion Plot was discovered due to governement interviewing his servants- executed in 1572- did not execute mary- new law passed that meant any who thought she was not the rightful queen would be executed
What was of the earl of Essex's rebellion Essex attempted to raise the people of London in revolt against the government. This ended in failure. Essex was tried and executed for treason on 25 February 1601.
Give two reasons why the Earl of Essex fell out of favour with Elizabeth Made an illegal truce (deal) with Irish rebels/Turned his back on the Queen at a Privy Council meeting/Drew his sword in the presence of the Queen/Walked into the Queens chambers when she was not wearing her wig.
Why did Essex’s rebellion fail? Robert Cecil branded the 200 rebels traitors, they abandoned Essex and he was arrested.
Give two facts about Norfolk’s 1569 rebellion Supported by Northern Lords like Earl of Westmorland/Gained a force of 4600 men /took control of important northern towns like Durham/celebrated an illegal Catholic mass/stopped by an army raised by the Duke of Sussex /executed 450 rebels/ many were fined and had lands confiscated
What was the babington plot 1586// year before will of orange killed by catholics-fear of english attack/ a plan to kill Elizabeth and put Mary on the throne, supported by rich Catholic lord Anthony Babington/coded letters were discovered in a Beer barrel, proving Marys guilt/walsingham was double agent and passed letters to elizabeth/8 executed including babington and mary
When was mary executed 8th February 1586
What was throckmorton plot aim- to free mary, replace Elizabeth and restore catholicism Events- 1583 he was arrested, house searched, claimed plan was never put in place+no money from spanish king- no domestic support
what were the consequences of the catholic plot? he was executed, two catholics imprisoned, 1584- bond of association-mary would be executed if elizabeths life was under threat