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Question Answer
What caused an increase in poverty SHEEP- spanish wars1585-1604-high taxes/Harvest-(1560s +70s)/Enclosure-sheep farming (labourers lost jobs(only baout 10%)/Epidemics-smallpox- left without main earner/population increase-43% from 1550- 1600-more inflation low wages
how did closure of monastries(1), rack renting(2), inflation(3) and decline in cloth trade affect poverty(4)? 1-closed in 1530s- they provided food and shelter- wandered in search of work/2-increased farmers rent- forced out of business/3-prices go up-especially food after 1570/4- collapsed in 1550s- tens of thousands out o jobs
What was the poor law? 1601 Poor Law:first time the government took a direct responsibility for the welfare of its people. It lasted until 1834- all payed poor rate- built workhouses- sick and elderly given relief-idle were whipped and hung
What two laws were introduced to help poor 1572 vagabonds act- vagabonds could be whipped/executed/ JPS were responsible for idle poor- register of them/ children of them were put into service 1576 act of relief of the poor- JPs find work for able bodied/ house of corrections for idle poor
How significant was francis drake,john hawkins and walter? 1577- first person to sail around world 5 ships 200men/ on ship golden hind/shared gold with elizabeth/ 1580 returned with treasure=rich/died with john hawkins in 1595/ worked alongside walter rayleigh/ attacked spanish ships- privateers
why is was a golden age? Science and technology developed and their new ideas were spread through the ‘printing press’/ More (wealthy) boys and some girls gained more access to educations/ Plays and poems were written by people like Shakespeare and performed in new Theatres/Portraits became more popular and contained symbolism, other art forms like Tapestries also grew in popularity
why it was not a golden age? Increasing inequality between rich and poor/blood sports like dog fighting were popular/torture and execution was still used a punishment
Give two ways the rich showed off their wealth Built impressive houses-many built new manor houses in either an ‘E’ shape or symmetrical style. Elizabethan manor houses became reflections of the wealth of the owner, like Bess of Hardwick, who was the second richest woman in England/held rich parties/wore fashionable clothing like the ‘ruff’/women wore make-up which was very white
What was the ‘Great Chain of Being’? A social structure which put people in Hierarchical order, it was impossible to move between the classes- rich wore ruffs
Who were the nobility? Respected members of society including Dukes and Earls, they earned around £1,000 per year
Who were the ‘gentry’? The Landowning class who made money by renting their land to others, they earnt between £10 and £200 per year
what was the societal order nobilty the gentry – lesser landowners wealthy merchants and professionals yeomen and tenant farmers craftspeople peasants
who wer more powerful: gentry or nobility? The Gentry were important landowners in Elizabethan England. They lived in comfortable houses and did not have to do any manual work. They dominated the House of Commons in Parliament. However, they were not as wealthy or as socially high class as the nobility who were descended from the old, aristocratic families in England.
How did gentry gain more power during this period? richer by buying up the land from the monasteries after Henry VIII had closed them down during the Reformation- renting out this land/growth of wool trade/employed gentry in gov as didnt trust nobles-privy council(francis waslingham), justices of peace
what does the globe and theatre tell us about Elizabethan society? the globes seating was seperated between noblity in the expensive seats and the groundlings were in the pit .First time poor were immerced in culture- could develop political views. Plays were seen nationwide due to the printing press
Give one reason why some people opposed the Theatre. Saw it as a place which encouraged drunkenness and crime occurred/worried about spread of disease in large crowds/Puritans felt it distracted people from God