Chapter 1- Paleolithic Society

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Paleolithic also means Old Stone Age
From where do we find the most evidence about the Paleolithic age? North America- sedimentary soil-tar pits
What are some of the artifacts found at these locations and what do they reveal about the era? Mammoth- found an arm bone Saber tooth Cat- found teeth Humans- leg bone was found- showed the height was about 5' 2"
What type of society was the Paleo-Indian culture? Hunter and gatherers. Moved around a lot.
What type of weaponry did Paleolithic Indians use? Clovis Points Atlatl
What parts did the Paleo-Indians use? hide-robes and housing bones-tools bone marrow-food
How did they get to America from Siberia? used the baring land route- Russia to Canada to America Clovis points found. And Asian DNA But the tools are so very different
How did they get to America from Europe? by boat sea creature drawings were found in a cave The Clovis points were very similar no trace of boats dating that far back No trace of French Language
Climate Change Cause 1. water from the melted Glaciers traveled to the ocean, causing it to stop currents and made it cold 2. A meteor hit the earth, but their is no trace of a crate, nano diamonds and magnetic spiracles have been found
How are Folsom points and Clovis points different? -the size of the flute -the time period -they reused Folsom points -location found
how was the Folsom Society different from the Clovis Society? -they built semi permanent structures - stayed in one place longer -hunted Bison -lived on mountain tiops
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