Agricultural Revolution

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Agricultural Revolution
1 Caused by end of ice age


  • Need for new source of food upon which to rely
1.1 Population growth
1.2 Loss of big game
2 Sedentary lifestyle
2.1 Near rivers for irrigation
2.2 More possessions
2.3 Focus on civilization
3 Food surplus
3.1 Specialization
3.1.1 Develop technology
3.1.2 Faster rate of change
3.2 Social stratification
3.2.1 Government
4 Independently-developed agricultural centers
4.1 Middle East c. 10000 BC
4.2 China
4.3 Mesoamerica by 5000 BC
5 Spread
5.1 Within a few 1000 years to areas that later produced first civilizations
5.2 Hunter-gatherers resisted change
5.2.1 Conquered
5.2.2 Driven out
5.2.3 Killed by disease
6 Other characteristics
6.1 Domestication


  • Pigs, sheep, goats, cattle
6.1.1 Improved agricultural
6.1.2 Rise of pastorialism
6.2 Metalworking
6.2.1 4000 BC
6.2.2 Bronze Age
6.2.3 Made farming more efficient
6.3 More work
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