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the digestive system breaks down large insoluble molecules into ? smaller molecules
what does the chemical breakdown of food depend on digestive enzymes
name the 3 types of food molecules carbs, proteins and fats
name some carbs ? bread potatoes rice
what are carbs made of h2o , c ,o2
what is the simplest carb sugar
how does sugar develop into starch it is built up
name a complex carb starch
what are digestive enzymes that break down carbs are called carbohydrase
name another group of carbohydrases amylase
what is amylases job break down starch into sugar
when starch is broken down into sugar wheere can it be absorbed small intestine
starch into sugar can be broken down in g_______ glucose by other carbohydrates
where is amylase present and made and released saliva and made in the pancreas and released into the small intestine
what enzyme breaks down proteins protease
describe the process protease to amino acids protease(enzymes) -->shorter chains -->amino acids
name a protease in the stomach pepsin
what type of conditions does pepsin work best at acidic
what is the ph of the acid produced in the stomach ph 2-3
what does the optimum of a ph mean reached its limit everything will stay at a constant
why is ph 2-3 a good condition for pepsin it can break down protein as fast a possible
is the small intestine an alkaline or antacid alkaline
what is the small intestines best working condition ph 8
what enzymes digest fats lipases
what is produced by lipase's fatty acids and glycerol
what is formed by fats and oils trying to mix globules
globules form? watery digestive juices
what do large globules have ? small surface areas to volume ratio
largue globules have small surface area to volume ratio meaning? lipases can ony break fat molecules slowly
where is bile from gall bladder
what forms an emulsion bile breaks down the large globules into tiny droplets
bile e______ fat emulsifies
what is good about having a large surface area the smaller droplets allow the lipase break down the fat molecules rapidly
when is bile released after a fatty meal
what makes faeces brown BILE
what makes faeces brown BILE
what word ending are usually enzyme ase
name two jobs for bile neutralises the acid from the stomach. produces a slightly alkaline environment
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