AS Psychology: Strategies for Memory Improvement

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LOCI (Visual Imagery) Using a familiar route one takes to remember a list of things through association. The more vivid, the better the recall.
Acronym (Verbal Mnemonic) First letter retrieval cues to recall. E.g - 'Richard Of York Gains Battles In Vain' to remember the colours 'Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet'
Active Processing 1 Craik & Lockhart (1975) : Memory depends on deep and meaningful processing
Active Processing 2 Craik (1977): Tested recall in different conditions; 4 diff. groups given list of printed words and asked to carry out task: 1) Answer structural questions 2) Acoustic Task 3) Semantic Task 4) Simply remember words
Active Processing 3 Craik (1977) Continued: Recognition task = 3) was better than 1) and 2) and was on the same level as 4) Meaningful engagement with stimulus materials leads to better retention.
Face-Name System (Visual Imagery) Lorayne & Lucas (1974): Think of image similar to person's name and link to prominent feature on person's face.
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