Psychology Unit 2 Social Influence

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Social Influence Persons attitudes, beliefs or behaviors are modified by presence or actions of others
Conformity Result of social influence - People adopt behaviors, attitudes and values of the majority
Normative conformity Yielding to group pressure to fit in
Informational Conformity Person lacks knowledge, looks to group for guidance
Compliance Conforming publicly, maintaining own views privately
Internalization Publicly conforming, also agrees with group privately
Confederate Actor who participates in psychological experiments, pretending to be the subject
Situational Factors External influences on behavior
Personality Factors Characteristic influences on behavior
Collectivist Cultures Group goals and needs emphasized over needs of an individual - Putting the group first
Individualist Cultures Needs of an individual stressed over needs of the group as a whole - Independence, putting individual first
Social Roles Socially defined behavior pattern that is expected of a person in a given setting or group
Deindividuation Getting rid of ones sense of individuality and responsibility
Identification Adopting views/ behaviors of group publicly and privately, as you value the membership of the group (temporarily)
Main Factors Affecting Conformity - Group Size - Gender - Culture (Individuals in collectivist cultures more likely to conform that individuals in individualist cultures)
Zimbardo Carried Out... The Stanford Prison Study
Asch Researched Conformity Using... Lines study
Sherif Carried Out Research using... Light experiment
Milgram Wanted To Find Out About... Obediance
Criticism Of Milgram's Study Deception
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