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Biology: OCR 21st century B1, B2, B3

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B3; Competition Organisms are also dependent on other species for food or for their habitat. Many species of insects for example have habitats within or on particular plants.
Interdependence; Because species depend on each other in many-ways, any impact on one species within a food web will have a knock-on effect on many of the other species that are part of the same food web.
When species can`t survive change; When environments or habitats change, species that were previously well adapted have to make rapid changes to the way they live or they may become extinct
Competition is to great; Species might be under threat if another species that competes with them preys on them or causes diseases introduced into their habitat
Understand the roles of nitrogen-fixing bacteria and denitrifying bacteria in the Nitrogen cycle Bacteria are a key part of the nitrogen cycle. Leguminous plants (peas and beans) have nitrogen- fixing bacteria in nodules on their roots. These bacteria which are also present in the soil are able to convert nitrogen gas, abundant in the air, to nitrates, which the plants can use to make proteins.
Denitryfying Bacteria In waterlogged conditions, denitrifying bacteria convert nitrates in the soil back into nitrogen gas, which enters the atmosphere
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