ECO 351 - Business Statistics II - SAS Terminology

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Some SAS terminology we have covered in my Spring 2015 ECO 351 - Business Statistics II course at UNCG

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SAS stands for... Statistical Analysis System
SAS Interface Editor, Log, Output, Results Viewer, Results, Explorer
Editor This is where you write SAS programs. It includes color coding for the DATA and PROC steps, and allows you toe expand or collapse sections of code.
Log This window contains information about your SAS run and will list any errors that are encountered
Output By default, nothing appears in this window, though you can specify it such that output is written here.
Results Viewer This window opens if there are printable results after running your program.
Results This window provides some navigation through the output in the results viewer window. This is especially useful if you have written a program that produces a lot of output
Explorer This is a navigation window, giving you access to your files and data sets.
What must be placed at the end of each statement to avoid errors in SAS? you end each statement with a semicolon
The Two main building blocks of each program 1) the DATA step 2) the PROC step
DATA step This is where the data are defined, directly inputted or loaded from an external source. The DATA step can also involve manipulating variables or creating new variables from existing ones.
PROC step This step uses a number of procedures used to analyze data.
PROC PRINT this procedure is used to print data and intermediate or final results.
PROC MEANS This calculates sample means and variance, among other things
PROC TTEST This procedure conducts hypothesis tests.
PROC REG This procedure is used to estimate regression models
PROC SGPLOT This procedure can produce a wide range of graphs and data plots
3 ways to run a program in SAS 1) Click the little "runner" button in the toolbar at the top of the screen 2) Go through the menus run --> submit 3) Type submit in the command line, left of the toolbar buttons
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