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1. beau's line sometimes called furrows or corrugations; usually a result of major illness or injury that traumatized the body
2. eggshell nails noticeably thin, white nail plates that are more flexible than normal and can curve over the free edge
3. EPONYCHIUM – HANG NAIL living skin at the base of the natural nail plate that covers the matrix area
4. KOILONYCHIA soft spoon nails with a concave shape that appear scooped out
5. LEUKONYCHIA SPOTS white spots; whitish discolorations of the nails, usually caused by injury to the matrix area.
6. MELANONYCHIA darkening of the fingernails or toenails
7. NAIL PTERYGIUM abnormal condition that occurs when the skin is stretched by the nail plate
8. NAIL PSORIASIS a noninfectious condition that affects the surface of the natural nail plate causing tiny pits or severe roughness on the surface of the nail plate
9. ONYCHAUXIS thickening of nails
10. ONYCHIA inflammation of the nail matrix followed by shedding of the natural nail
11. ONYCHOCRYPTOSIS ingrown nails; nail grows into the sides of the tissue around the nail
12. ONYCHOLYSIS lifting of the nail plate from the nail bed without shedding, usually at the free edge and continuing toward the lunula area
13. ONYCHOMYCOSIS fungal infection of the natural nail plate
14. ONYCHOPHAGY bitten nails; result of a habit of chewing the hardened skin surrounding the nail plate
15. ONYCHORRHEXIS split or brittle nails that have a series of lengthwise ridges giving a rough appearance to the surface of the nail plate
16. PARONYCHIA bacterial inflammation of the tissues surrounding the nail
17. PLICATURED NAIL folded nail; a type highly curved nail usually caused by injury to the matrix, but may be inherited.
18. RIDGES vertical lines running through the length of the natural nail plate that are caused by uneven growth of the nails, usually the result of normal aging
19. PINCER NAIL trumpet nail; increased crosswise curvature throughout the nail plate caused by increased curvature of the matrix
20. PLICATURED NAIL folded nail; a type highly curved nail usually caused by injury to the matrix, but may be inherited.
21. PSEUDOMONAS AERUGINOSA common bacteria that can lead to a bacterial infection that appears as a green, yelllow, or black discoloration on the nail bed.
22. PSORIASIS NAIL skin disease characterized by red patches covered with silver-white scales.
23. PYOGENIC GRANUOMA severe inflammation of the nail in which a lump of red tissue grows up from the nail bed to the nail plate
24. SPLINTER HEMORRHAGE hemorrhage caused by trauma or injury to the nail bed that damages the capillaries and allow small amounts of blood flow
25. TINEA PEDIS a ringworm fungus of the foot. aka athlete's foot.
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