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Acquired Immunity Immunity that the body develops after overcoming a disease, through inoculation(vaccine) or through exposure to natural allergens.
Allergy Reaction due to extreme sensitivity to certain foods, chemicals, or other normally harmless substances
Bleach Is an effective disinfectant and has been used extensively as a disinfectant in the salon for large surface areas such as countertops and floors
Chelating Soap Chelating detergent; they break down stubborn films and remove the residue of pedicure products such as scrubs, salts, and masks
Customer Service Involves helping customers throughout their service so thay their experience with your brand and company are enjoyable and easy
Efficacy Mean the effectiveness with which disinfecting solution kills microorganisms when used according to the label instructions
EPA Stands for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is responsible for the protection of human health and the environment
Ethics The moral principles by which we live and work
Fungi Single-cell organisms that grow in irregular masses that include mold, mildew, and yeasts; can produce contagious diseases such as ringworms
Gold and Silver Are used as a representation of social class: Chou Dynasty royals wear gold and silver
Hepatitis A bloodborne virus that causes disease and can damage the liver
Mildew A type of fungus that affects plants and grows on inanimate objects, but does not cause human infections in salons
Motivation: Self Management Helps move people to the next level of their career. You must feel a sense of personal excitement and a good reason to keep going. To do it successfully, you must be creative
Parasites Organisms that grow, feed, and shelter on or in another organism (referred as host) while contributing nothing to the survival of that organism. Host is required to survive
Physical Presentation Your posture, as well as the way you walk and move
Prevention They are sanitation, disinfection, and sterilization. Sanitation: cleaning by removing all visible dirt and debris. By cleaning a surface properly, the number of germs is reduced, as is the risk of infection.
Protoplasm A colorless, jellylike substance within a cell which carries the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and saltsand water
Spirilla Spiral or corkscrew-shaped bacteria thay cause disease such as syphilis and lyme disease
Time Management Learn to prioritize(use to do lists), design a time managing system, take in what you can handle, learn problem solving, give yourself breaks, always take any type of notes, and be very schedules for any duty
Toxins Various poisonous substances produced by some microorganisms (bacteria & virus)
Diplococci Spherical bacteria that grow in pairs and causes disease such as pneumonia
Binary Fission The division of bacteria cells into two new cells, called daughter cells
Pediculosis Is an infestation of the hairy parts of the body or clothing with the eggs, larvae or adult live
Phenolic Disinfectants Powerful tuberculocidal disinfectants. They are a form of formaldehyde, have a very high HlpH, and can damage the skin and eyes
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