Chapter 20: Week 3


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Acid Balance Waves Permanent waves that have a 7.0 or netural pH; because of their higher pH, they process at room temperature, do not require the added heat of a dryer, process more quickly, and produce firmer curls than true acid waves.
Ammonium Free Waves Perms that use an ingredient that does not evaporate as readily as ammonia, so there is very little odor associated with their use.
Ammonium Thioglycolate (ATG) Active ingredient or reducing agent in alkaline permanents.
Base Control Position of the tool in relation to its base section, determinded by the angle at which the hair is wrapped.
Base Relaxers Relaxers that require the application of protective base cream to the entire scalp prior to the application of the relaxer.
Basic Permanent Wrap Also known as straight set wrap; perm wrapping pattern in which all the rods within a panel move in the same direction and are positioned on equal-sized bases; all the base sections are horizontal, and are the same length and witdth as the perm rod.
Chemical Hair Relaxing A process or service that rearranges the structure of curly hair into a straighter or smoother form.
Chemical Texture Services Hair services that cause a chemical change that alters the natural wave pattern of the hair.
Croquignole Perm Wrap Perms in which the hair strands are wrapped from the ends to the scalp in overlapping concentric layers
Curvature Permanent Wrap Perm wrap in which partings and bases radiate throughout the panels to follow the curvature of the head.
Disulfide Bonds Chemical side bonds that are formed when the sulfur atoms in two adjacent protein chains are joined together.
Endothermic waves Perm activated by an outside heat source, usually a conventional hood-type hair dryer.
Exothermic Waves Create an exothermic chemical reaction that heats up the waving solution and speeds up processing.
Glyceryl Monothioglycolate Main active ingredient in true acid-balanced waving lotions.
Half Off-Base Placement Base control in which the hair is wrapped at an angle of 90 degrees or perpendicular to its base section, and the rod is positioned half off its base section.
Hydrogen Bond a chemical bond consisting of a hydrogen atom between two electronegative atoms (e.g., oxygen or nitrogen) with one side be a covalent bond and the other being an ionic bond
Hydroxide Neutralization An acid-alkali neutralization reaction that neutralizes (deactivates) the alkaline residues left in the hair by a hydroxide relaxer and lowers the pH of the hair and scalp; hydroxide relaxer neutralization does not involve oxidation or rebuild disulfide bond
Hydroxide Relaxers Very strong alkalis with a pH over 13; the hydroxide ion is the active ingredient in all hydroxide relaxers
Keratin Proteins Long , coiled polypeptide chains.
Lanthionization Process by which hydroxide relaxers permanently straighten hair; they remove a sulfur atom from a disulfide bond and convert it into a ianthionine bond.
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