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these cards are designed as a quick reminder of the things (factors) which people think about before they make a decision about a holiday destination

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Destinations how will I get there? how will I get around? where will I stay? where will I eat? what will I do ? good and bad if evaluating.
factors which influence peoples choice of holiday destination COST 1. if on a budget they may choose domestic such as Cornwall or short haul such as Spain - all inclusive as it could be cheaper 2. cost not an issue - luxury resort such as the Maldives - long haul 5* hotel
factors that influence peoples choice of holiday destination WEATHER AND CLIMATE if weather and climate is a factor for a summer holiday they are likely to choose to go abroad - example is Spain for the sun or if skiing - Cervinia as the snow is likely to be good. unlikely to choose the UK for a summer holiday as weather is unpredictable
factors that influence peoples choice of holiday destination PERSONAL INTERESTS AND TASTES people may choose to visit Rome if they are interested in history. They are likely to choose cities with monuments or museums. if interested in water sports they may choose Cancun in Mexico for the diving
factors that influence peoples holiday destination PROMOTION AND DISCOUNTS This might be a factor for a family who want to travel abroad . They may look for a child free place or a discount if they book early
factors which influence peoples holiday destination ACCESSIBILITY 1. elderly or disabled people may look for a flat resort such as the Algarve in Portugal 2. families may want something which is near the airport to reduce travelling such as Ibiza
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