Serpentine Receptors & Adrenaline

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How large are they? 402-407 amino acids long
How many membrane spanning loops are there? 7
Which terminus tends to be glycosylated? The N-Terminus
Is the c-terminus internal or external? Internal
Internal loop 3 & C terminal domain contain... Serine & threonine for phosphorylation
How many types of serpentine receptor are there? 100
Where does the hormone bind in beta adrenergic receptors? Below the surface, in the membrane
Where is adrenaline formed? In the Chromaffin cells
What causes the release of adrenaline? Stress or low blood sugar
Which of the following is inhibitory in skeletal muscle? Alpha 2 receptors
In adrenaline production, Phenylalanine is converted to --> Tyrosine
Tyrosine is then converted to --> DOPA
DOPA is converted to Dopamine, which is then converted to --> Adrenaline
Which G protein is effected by the alpha 1 receptor? GQ G-Protein
What membrane bound enzyme does the Gq protein activate? Phospholipase C-beta
Phosphlipase C-beta splits Phosphatidanolsitol 4,5 bisphosphate --> IP3 and diacylglycerol
IP3 causes the release of ... Calcium from the ER
The diacylglycerol (and the inorganic ion released by IP3) activates... Protein Kinase C
The ion released by the IP3 also activates... Calcium dependent kinases i.e. Phosphorylase B Kinase
Protein Kinase C and other Ca dependent kinases phosphorylate which residues? Serine and Threonine
What is different between protein kinase C & the Ca dependent kinases? They phosphorylate at different sites to each other (and cAMP dependent kinases)
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