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APPRENTICESHIP A.S. a paid work experience in which you work with a skilled worker and complete required classes
ASSOCIATE’S DEGREE A.S. an academic degree earned on completion of a program that usually requires the equivalent of 2 years of full-time study
BACHELOR’S DEGREE A.S. an academic degree earned at a college or university on completion of a program that usually requires the equivalent of 4-5 years of full-time study
BRANCH CAMPUS A.S. a campus that is physically detached from an affiliated main university
CAREER A.S. a series of related occupations in a particular field over a person’s lifetime work history
CERTIFICATE A.S. an official document that proves you have successfully completed specific courses, have acquired necessary skills, and are qualified to perform a certain occupation
COMMUNITY COLLEGE A.S. a nonresidential educational institution serving a local community
E-COMMERCE A.S. buying and selling goods and/or services via the internet
ENTREPRENEURSHIP A.S. person who creates and manages a business
GRADUATE STUDENT A.S. someone who has a bachelor’s and is now working towards a Master’s or Doctorate degree
INTEREST A.S. something a person enjoys doing or thinking about
INTERNSHIP A.S. working with or without pay to gain practical experience in your expected career field
MASTER’S DEGREE A.S. academic title awarded by a college or university to a person who has completed graduate studies
MILITARY A.S. a person employed by the government to protect and defend our nation
NATIONAL ACCREDITATION A.S. has certain limitations on transferring credits and is not always professionally recognized as a degree
OUTSOURCING A.S. to contract out jobs/services to another company
POST SECONDARY A.S. education after completion of high school
REGIONAL ACCREDITATION A.S. credits transfer easily to other schools
TECHNICAL SCHOOL A.S. school that prepares students for the job market by teaching specific skills
TELECOMMUTING A.S. working at home while linked by technology to one or more company offices
UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT A.S. someone who has not yet received a bachelor’s degree
VALUES A.S. the ideas that a person lives by and the belief that they are important to that person
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