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Cross Contamination MR The spread of harmful bacteria to a clean food from contaminated work surfaces, utensils, hands, or foods
Danger Zone MR Temperatures at which bacteria grow fastest, 40 - 140 degrees
Defrost/Thaw MR The process of letting food unfreeze.
E. coli MR commonly contracted from raw or undercooked beef and unwashed produce
Food-borne Illness MR Disease caused by bacteria found in food.
Listeria MR commonly contracted from hot dogs, deli lunch meats and deli prepared meat salads
Non-renewable Resources MR Item that can not be replenished.
Recycle MR An item which is adapted to a new use and can be used again.
Renewable Resources MR Any Natural resource that can be replenished naturally over time
Salmonella MR commonly contracted from raw eggs, raw or undercooked poultry and un-pasteurized milk
Sanitation MR Storing, washing, and cooking food properly in order to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.
Thermometer MR Measures the temperature of food and is used to determine if the food is safe to eat.
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