Chapter 2

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arcing sparks caused by metal being placed in the microwave JM
bake cooking food uncovered in the oven JM
balanced meal a variety of foods served together that provides proper nutrition to stay healthy JM
beat to mix ingredients vigorously so that air is introduced into them JM
blender equipment with a base, container and blades to cut/liquefy foods JM
boil to heat a liquid at high temperature so that bubbles rise continuously to the surface and break JM
burner heat that flows thru coils to cook foods on top of stove JM
chop cut food into small pieces JM
cream to beat shortening or another fat with sugar until the mixture is light and fluffy JM
cut in To mix a solid fat with a dry ingredient using a cutting motion. JM
dice/cut To cut into very small squares of even size. JM
Dietary Guidelines Science based recommendations developed by USDA and Health and Human Services that urge people to form healthful diet and activity habits. JM
Dry/Measuring Cups Used to measure dry ingredients and solid foods. JM
Eating Pattern Food choices for meals and snacks over the course of a day. JM
Expiration Date The last day a food should be eaten. JM
Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Ensures the safety of foods excluding meat, poultry and eggs JM
Generic Brand Plainly labeled, unadvertised product; not a name brand. JM
Grate/Shred To cut into fine pieces using a grater. JM
Knead To use the heels of your hand to press down and away from your body JM
Legumes Dried beans and peas JM
Level Drag a straight edge spatula over dry measuring cups/spoons JM
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