Chapter 3 civics vocab

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chapter 3 civics vocab

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the original constitution of the US, ratified in 1781, which was replaced by the US Constitution in 1789. Articles of confederation
An uprising led by a former militia officer, Daniel Shays, which broke out in western Massachusetts in 1786. Shays's followers protested the foreclosures of farms for debt and briefly succeeded in shutting down the court system. Daniel Shays rebellion
is a gathering for the purpose of writing a new constitution or revising an existing constitution. Constitutional Convention
a legislature of two houses with proportional representation in each house and executive and judicial branches to be chosen by the legislature. Virginia Plan
a single legislative house with equal representation for each state. New Jersey plan
a compromise adopted at the Constitutional Convention, providing the states with equal representation in the Senate and proportional representation in the House of Representatives. Great compromise (Connecticut Plan)
resolved the controversial issue of Commerce relating to the Slave Trade that emerged at the Constitutional Convention. Commerce & Slave Trade Compromise
compromise in which one slave was determined to equal 3/5 of a person when considering the population of a state 3/5ths compromise
institution that elects the President and Vice President of the United States every four years. electoral college
Those who support the ratification of the Constitution Federalists
those who did not support the ratification of the Constitution; called for a more de-centralized federal system Anti-Federalists
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