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chapter 1 vocab civic hrs

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Civics The study of the rights and duties of citizens
Duties A moral or legal obligation; a responsibility
Responsibilities Having control of a job or person
Naturalization When someone becomes a citizen
Alien from another place
immigrant a person whos moves to another country to live permanently
illegal alien people who come into a country illegally
melting pot theory a country, locality, or situation in which cultural assimilation results in blending the heritage and traditions of previously distinct ethnic groups.
tossed salad theory the integration of the many different cultures of United States residents combine like a salad, as opposed to the more traditional notion of a cultural melting pot.
government - provides services - make and enforce laws - provides security - provide for the future
Levels of government
supremacy clause the provision in Article Six, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution that establishes the United States Constitution, federal statutes, and treaties as "the supreme law of the land.
autocracy one person rules all
oligarchy few people rule all
direct democracy
representative democracy elect officers to rule with restrictions
federalism federal principle of government
popular sovereignty government was made by and sustained by people
rule of law everyone has to follow the law no matter how high up they are
seperation of powers the government is separated into 3 branches
checks and balances each branch of government can limit the power of another
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