Human Resource Chapter 4

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What is the difference between a job and a position? A job is a group of related activities and duties, while a position is a collection of tasks and responsibilities.
What's a Bureaucratic organizational structure? Hierarchical with many levels, highly specialized jobs with narrowly defined job descriptions.
What is a Flat organizational structure? Few levels, broadly defined jobs with general job descriptions.
What is a Matrix organizational structure? Each job has two components: functional and product.
What's the difference between job enlargement and job enrichment? Job enlargement is addition of tasks along the same work level of responsibility, where enrichment is giving employees more meaningful tasks and duties.
What are the three types of interview techniques? Individual, group, and supervisory
What is Functional Job Analysis? A regularly used pre-established questionnaire that rates a job on responsibilities for data, people, and things from simple to complex
What is Observation? Watching employees perform their work and recording the frequency of behaviors or the nature of performance.
What is a diary/log? Daily listings made by employees of every activity in which they engage, along with the time each activity takes.
What is the National Occupational Classification The product of systematic, field-bases research by Human resource and Skill Development Canada, is an excellent source of standardized job information
What is job identifcation The position title
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