Human Resource Chapter 3

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What is hr technology? Any technology that is used to attract, hire, retain, and maintain talent, support workforce administration and optimize workforce.
What is a data warehouse? A specialized type of database that is optimized for reporting and analysis and is the raw material for managers' decision support.
Name 5 HRIS subsystems Employment equality, Administration, Time and attendance, Training and development, Pension administration, Compensation and benefits administration, Payroll interface, Performance evaluation, Labor relations, Organizational management, Health and Safety, Recruitment and applicant tracking.
What information does the HRIS system include Information about an employees skills and competencies, training courses and development activities undertaken, and the cost.
What are some common reports requested by managers from the HRIS? Basic information(name, phone#, address), compensation report, performance evaluations, leaves of absence, number of jobs held and position titles, vacation days, and types of training taken and skills acquired.
What are the 3 steps(or phases) of teh HRIS implementation process Adoption phase->Implementation phase-> Integration phase.
What is an intranet? An intranet is a network that is interconnected within one organization
What is the benefit of ESS ESS enables employees to access and manage their personal information directly.
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