Chapter 4 Ancient Greece

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Chapter 4 ancient Greece

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Peninsula body of land surrounded on three sides by water
Mt. Olympus the highest mountain in Greece where the ancient Greeks believed many of their gods and goddesses lived
Crete largest island off of Greece the Minoan civilization flourished here from 2700 BC to 1450 BC
Hoplites Greek soldiers who carried a round shield a short sword and a 9 foot spear
Phalanx a military formation: a wall of shields created by soldiers marching shoulder to shoulder in a rectangular formation
Sophocles famous Greek playwright; he wrote the tragedy, Oedipus the king
amphitheater outdoor theater it was open to the sky; the Greeks loved drama; one of the most famous amphitheaters is Epidaurus
Socrates Father of Philosophy; put on trial for corrupting the minds of the youth of Athens; drank poison hemlock
Socratic method the teaching method invented by socrates based on asking questions; the point of this teaching style is to get students to recognize the truth for themselves
Plato most famous student of Socrates who wrote about Socrates teachings and trial ; established a school known as The Academy
Aristotle was a student of Platos; he wrote about science politics just about everything he taught Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great at 20 years old he was king of Macedonia he conquered almost all of the known world he spreads Greek culture
Hellenistic age name for the time alexander is king really refers to the spread of greek culture language ideas a high point in greek history
The Peloponnesian War long war between the 2 largest greek city-states Athens and Sparta
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