Relative Clauses


Practice relative clauses/ omit relative pronoun
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The doctor was sick (I wanted to see the doctor) The doctor I wanted to see was sick
The accountant was arrested (the accountant works for my father's company) The accountant that/who works for my father's company was arrested.
I wrote to the friend (you met the friend last week) I wrote to the friend you met last week
The mobile phone can't be fixed (the mobile phone is broken) The mobile phone which/that is broken can't be fixed
John made a copy of the photo (I took the photo) John made a copy of the photo I took
I met a girl (the girl was a doctor) I met a girl who/that was a doctor
We called a doctor (the doctor works at a hospital in London) We called a doctor who/that works at a hospital in London
We like the actor (the actor was in a famous film) We like the actor who/that was in a famous film
I went to the restaurant (I read about the restaurant in the newspaper) I went to the restaurant I read about in the newspaper
She bought a car (her sister liked the car) She bought a car her sister liked
I often buy cheese (the cheese is imported from Paris) I often buy cheese which/that is imported from Paris
The hairdresser was very good (the hairdresser has red hair The hairdresser who/that has red hair was very good
The child is playing in the garden (we see the child often) The child we see often is playing in the garden
The nurse is in the office (the nurse treated my grandmother The nurse who/that treated my grandmother is in the office
The car is in the garage (the car broke down) The car which/that broke down is in the garage
The man was late (Julie invited the man) The man Julie invited was late
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