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Jordan - moderate Arab country that borders Iraq, Israel and Syria Amman is the capital city
queen Rania illustrates how Jordan's different to its neighbouring Arab countries, she is involved with a number of community/education projects and has a high profile no rainfall in Jordan from June to September but temperatures are too hot around 35/40 degrees Celsius. tourists might prefer to go from April to June as it is slightly milder and the tourists will be able to bear it more.
from 2000 to 2011 the tourists arrivals has increased from about 1,500,000 to roughly 4,000,000 British airways and easy jet fly to Jordan, and they fly to the Queen Alia International airport
the new terminal opened in march 2013 it can handle up to 7 millions per annum, the airport was awarded best improvement by region in the middle east in 2014, it is said that the final expansion of the airport will be completed by 2017 and handle up to 12 million there are 7 nature reserves in Jordan two of them are called Wadi Mujib and Shaumari reserve
there are 5 world heritage sites in Jordan Petra is a popular one which was named a whs in 1985, Petra in a historical city that has been carved into red, white and pink sandstone cliff faces culture vultures are most likely to want to visit the world heritage sites as they might want to find interesting facts and explore or even business tourists on a conference if they get days off to explore
modern Aqaba has become one of the premier leisure destinations of the middle east, it is located on the red sea and is 429 metres below sea level, Aqaba has a beach called the Palm Beach were there are 1000 species of invertebrates in the dead sea and 200 sort/hard corals dead sea might appeal to health tourists as it has 33% of salt and calcium, magnesium and potassium. these four minerals befit the skin and help with medical conditions such as psoriasis. the salt and minerals are used to create cosmetic/herbal sachets
the crown plaza or Hilton are what tourists generally stay in when visiting the dead sea the town of Madaba was discovered in 1884, the map dates back to the 6th century and it shows the middle east on it along with the holy land and mount Nebo (1000m high mountain). culture vultures might visit Madaba due to cultural history there and other cultural attractions such as Baptist church which has no entrance fee
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