Ethics and Social Research

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Chapter 3

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Ethical principles in research The set of values, standards, and principles used to determine appropriate and acceptable conduct at all stages of the research process.
Institutional review board (IRB) The committee at a college, university, or research center responsible for evaluating the ethics of proposed research.
Protecting study participants from harm The principle that participants in studies are not harmed physically, psychologically, emotionally, legally, socially, or financially as a result of their participation in a study.
Voluntary participation The principle that study participants choose to participate of their own free will.
Informed consent The principle that potential participants are given adequate & accurate information about a study before they are asked to agree to participate.
Informed consent form A statement that describes the study and the researcher and formally requests participation.
Passive consent When no response in considered an affirmative consent to participate in research; also called "opt out informed consent," this is sometimes used for parental consent for children's participation in school-based research.
Anonymity When no one, including the researcher, knows the identities of research participants.
Confidentiality Also called privacy, is when no third party knows the identities of the research participants.
Honest reporting The ethical responsibility to produce and report accurate data.
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