Management Information Systems Final

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tools, methodologies to analyze, design, optimize processes. Business Process Management
Enabler of organization change Business Process Management
Steps in BPM IADIM Identify processes for change, analyze existing processes, design new process, implement new process, measure continuously
rectangle in business process action
diamond in business process model decision
arrow in business process model sequence of action
Activities to implement new information system golden triangle: on time, within budget, with quality
Sometimes called "methodology" System Development Process
When inflexible, system development process is called inflexible
This slows development of new IS, but allows to share what and how implemented documentation
proposal to use IS to solve problem preliminary study
cost benefit analysis, initial schedule, charter or project agreement feasibility study
defining the broad problem and identifying causes systems analysis
planning new system system design
what the user sees, defines database logical design
database, program specifications, hardware physical design
marclogic noSQL Hadoop
physical design specs translated into software programming
written description of system for users and tech staff documentation
tasks and schedules for training, conversion, testing. anticipating and dealing with resistence implementation planning
do this because IS usually not intuitively obvious training
testing each program in system by itself unit testing
testing system as a whole system testing
full system, organization at once direct cutover
start with a small part of organization pilot cutover
one subsystem, then another phased cutover
run old and new simultaneously parallel (acceptance) testing
transfer of data from old files to new files in new formats conversion
fixing errors maintenance
adding new features enhancements
two methodologies to analyze and design IS Structured and object-oriented methodologies
techniques are step by step, will defined. structured methodologies
focus on modeling processes or actions that manipulate data structured methodologies
separate data from processes structured methodologies
represents processes and flow of data between them data flow diagram
breaking processes into successive layers of detail called high level and lower level views decomposition
top down chart showing each level of design, each levels relationship to other levels, and place in overall design structure structure chart
data encapsulated in object object oriented methodologies
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