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What is normative social influence? The result of wanting to be liked and accepted as part of the group by following its norms.
Evaluate normative social influence as an explanation of conformity. Bullying: Garandeau & Cillessen -children with low interpersonal relations manipulated by a skillful bully, victimisation of other child provides common goal.
What is informational social influence? The result of wanting to be right, i.e. looking to others, as experts, for the right answer and conforming to their opinion.
Evaluate informational social influence as an explanation of conformity. Political Opinion: Fein et al - judgments for US candidate performance influenced by crowd reactions. Development of Social Stereotypes: Wittenbrink & Henley - exposure to negative info about African Americans more likely to shape stereotypes as majority view. Mass Psychogenic Illness: Jones et al - illness symptoms can spread between members of a cohesive group even though there is no obvious physical cause.
What are the types of conformity? And explain them. Compliance - no change in underlying attitude, only public behaviour. Internalisation - acceptance of group's views publicly and privately. Identification - compliance and internalisation to establish a relationship with someone.
What is the AMRC of Asch? A - To investigate conformity due to majority influence. M - 'Test of vision'. Series of lines. 123 male American undergrads. 1 real ppt. Real answered last/second to last. 12/18 trials confederates incorrect. R - For the 12 critical trials, 36.8% of ppts were also incorrect. 25% of ppts never conformed. Without confederates ppts got it right 99% of the time. C - People tend to conform due to majority influence.
What were the variations to Asch's study, and their effects on conformity? Difficulty of task - if task more difficult, conformity increased. Size of majority - conformity increases with up to 3 confeds. Unanimity - if not unanimous decision, conformity decreases.