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What does DNA stand for? Deoxyribonucleic acid
What does DNA contain? The instructions to but an organism together and make it work
Where is DNA found? In the nucleus, in really long molecules called chromosomes
What is a gene? A section of DNA
What does a gene contain? The instructions to make a specific protein
How do cells make proteins? By stringing a long chain of amino acids together in a particular order
How many different amino acids are used to make different proteins? 20
What do genes tell the cells? What order to put the amino acids in
What determines what proteins the cell produces e.g. hemoglobin, keratin? DNA
What determines what type of cell a cell is? The protein that is produced by that cell
When WON'T a person's DNA be unique? If they were identical siblings (twins) or if they are a clone
What is DNA fingerprinting? It's a way of cutting up a person's DNA into small sections and then separating them. Then telling people apart by comparing samples of their DNA
When is DNA fingerprinting used (2 examples)? 1) Forensic science 2) Paternity testing
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