Genetic Diagrams

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What are alleles? Different versions of the same gene
What are used to represent different alleles? Letters
What is a homozygous? An organism that two of the same alleles for the same gene
What is a heterozygous? An organism with two different alleles for the same gene
What is the name for the allele for the characteristic that is present? The dominant allele
What is the name for the allele for the characteristic that isn't present? The recessive
What is used to represent a dominant allele? a capital letter
What is used to represent a recessive letter? A lower case letter
Which is dominant, blue or brown eyes? Brown eyes
For an organism to display recessive characteristics, what must their alleles be? Both recessive
What is the difference between genotype and phenotype? Genotype is the allele you have. Phenotype is the actual characteristic
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