Revising Vocabulary from Unit 8

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Whizz Do you know anybody who is a computer whizz? Would you like to be one? What are the pros and cons?
Set up Do you think only crazy people set up their own business nowadays? Why ?
going rate Do you know what's the going rate for domestic help? Do you think it's too much? What about plumbers, electricians..etc?
to have a brainwave Have you ever had a brainwave and earned some money? Tell us about it.
tip Do you ever give tips at restaurants?
second-hand Have you ever bought anything that was second-hand? Would you buy second-hand clothes?
make a profit give away What are some of the things that in your opinion people shouldn't make a profit of but give away for free instead?
Entrepreneur /ˌɒn.trə.prəˈnɜːr/ Do you know any successful entrepreneurs? What qualities do you need to be one?
cut down on Tell your partner about what you have had to cut down on recently and why
purchase /ˈpɜː.tʃəs/ Have you purchased anything recently? Tell your partner all about it.
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