Circulatory System of a Mammal

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What is the human circulatory system described as? A closed, double pump system
The Circulatory system is 'closed' and is a 'double system', what does this mean? Blood is confined to vessels and blood passes twice through the heart for each complete circuit of the body as the heart is also a double pump
Fill in the blanks: The _____ the surface area to _____ ratio, and the more _____ the organism, the greater the need for a specialised ___________ system with a ______ The LOWER the surface area to VOLUME ratio, and the more ACTIVE the organism, the greater the need for a specialised TRANSPORT system with a PUMP
Whether or not there is a specialised transport system depends on two factors, name them. 1) How active the organism is 2) The surface area to volume ratio
What is reduced when blood is passed through the lungs? Pressure
Why after passing through the lungs is blood returned to the heart? Blood is returned to the heart to boost its pressure again as after being in the lungs, the pressure drops and if the pressure was to stay low, it would make circulation very slow.
Blood being returned to the heart after passing through the lungs ensures what? Why is this important for mammals? That blood moves at a fast pace so substances are delivered to the body quickly. This is important to mammals as they have a high body temperature and so have a high rate of metabolism
Why is the final exchange of substances from the capillaries to the cells so rapid? 1) There is a large surface area for the movement of substance to take place 2) Capillary walls are one cell thick so there is a short diffusion pathway 3) There is a steep diffusion gradient as only one red blood cell at a time can pass through capillaries
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