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James I parliament and favourites 1604 Elizabethan parliaments in 1560's and 70's there were calls for reforms of the COE especially in house of commons
Parliament 1604 commons drew up a series of Bills on religion which were sent to the house of lords
Parliament 1604 Lords provide hostile; James furious at infringement on royal prerogative + parliament was prorogued and the bill lost
James' relationship with parliament relationship between James + parliament grew increasingly bitter + that this set England on a 'High Road' to civil war which would break out in 1642 17 years after James' death.
Clashes with Parliament 1604 MP's privileges dispute over election of MP for Buckinghamshire. John Fortesque defeated by Francis Goodwin election declared invalid Goodwin failed to pay debts. HOC claimed they were judges of dispute elections
1604 MP's Privileges outcomes Compromise was reached HOC agreed to a new election, King agreed that it was Parliament's privilege to judge election results
1604 Union between England and Scotland James pushed parliament to pass laws recognising a full union between England + Scotland
1604 Union between England and Scotland Outcomes Parliament blocked Union because the prejudice of English people was so great. End of 1604 Parliament session Commons produced 'the form of apology + satisfaction' showed its concerns that privileges were being threatened
1606 Catholic threat outcomes Harsher laws against Catholics were passed
1606 Catholic threat After gunpowder plot James + Parliament agreed harsher laws against Catholics were needed
1606 Taxation king asked parliament for subsidies parliament granted the king 3 subsidies
1606 Impositions Extra customs duties + collection of customs contributed to the King's revenue. Parliament objected impositions seeing it as a 'back-door' tax that they had no control over
1606 Impositions outcomes MPs wrote Apology of the HOC summing up what they saw as their rights, dating back hundreds of years
1607 Union between England and Scotland James again asked parliament to pass laws recognising full union between England + Scotland
1607 Union between England and Scotland outcomes Parliament again opposed union + refused to pass any laws on this issue
1607 Purveyance Right of King to buy goods for a discount price. seen as a very corrupt system, even though traditional privilege of the crown. HOL system should end + king should be granted £50,000 per year. HOC divided but thought too much. they suggested £20,000
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