Introduction of Adaptive Immune Response

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Brief explanation about adaptive immune response

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Adaptive Immune Response - Specific - Fully activated only after infections - Response magnitude higher in the second infections - Memory stored
Development of Lymphocytes T cells B cells
Antigen-independent maturation sites T cells in thymus B cells in bone marrow
Function of surface markers or receptors i. Bind to receptors on other cells ii. Bind to antigen iii. Transmit and receive messages
Common receptor molecules i. Major histocompability complex (MHC) ii. Cluster of differentiation (CD) iii. Antigen-specific receptors
Three class of MHC i. Class I - expressed on all nucleated cells ii. Class II - on APCs ; dendritic cell, macrophages, B cell iii. Class III - on protein associated with complement system
CD molecules sites of binding
Antigen-specific receptors & Clonal deletion
Presentation of antigen Antigenicity based on: i. Size ii. Complexity iii. Foreignness
Role of antigen-presenting cell
Receptors on T cell and B cell T cell receptor (TCR) - supported by co-receptor such as CD4 CD8 B cell - immunoglobulins or antibody Class - IgG IgA IgM IgE IgD
T cell activation
Function of T cell differentiations T helper cell - stimulate or activate other cells, including macrophages, B cell, cytotoxic cell Memory T cell - store immunological memory Regulatory T cell - regulate other cells to prevent excessive inflammation & autoimmune Cytotoxic cell - infected host cell, cancerous host cell, foreign cells. involve secretion of granzyme & perforins
B cell activation
Role of B cell differentiation Memory cell - store immunological memory Regulatory B cell - regulate to prevent excessive inflammation & autoimmune Plasma B cell - launch antibodies (opsonisation, neutralisation, agglutination, )
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