The Self - key concepts and core theory

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What is meant by 'free will'?? The ability to make your own decisions, uninfluenced by other factors
Define the term 'self concept' An individual's view of their actual self - their mental image of themself, including both psychological and physical attributes
What is the core theory?? The Humanistic Theory of Self
What are the five main aspects of the Humanistic Theory?? Self-concept; ideal self; self-esteem; unconditional positive regard; self-actualisation
What is meant by 'ideal self'?? The person an individual would like to be
Who was the humanistic theory developed by?? Maslow and Rogers
What is self-esteem?? A measure of how much we value ourselves
Describe unconditional positive regard A concept at the heart of humanism - being understanding of someone no matter what
What is at the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs?? Self-actualisation
What are the 4 main criticisms of the theory?? Many of the ideas presented are vague and hard to measure; it is not a very scientific theory; it ignores genetic evidence; humanists focus too much on the self
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