US History - Chapter 2

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American Society in the Making

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What made life in the Chesapeake so precarious? 1. Colonists faced brutal summer heat, humidity, hunger, heavy labor 2. Diseases which they have no immunity ravaged 3. High death rate of young people & chronic shortage of women forced settles to rely on immigrants to renew population.
How did the realities of the New World force the London Company to accept changes in their plans for colonization? London Company thought that they could make profit with gold but it doesn't exist so they had to adapt their strategy to turn a profit
What led to the adoption of slavery in American colonies? 1. NA labor was free and easy until they start dying from diseases so Portuguese shipped Africans to Brazil (to grow sugar instead of declining NA) 2. NA didn't make good slaves because they knew terrain and often escaped 3. Gradual acceptance of colonial leaders to make slavery ''official'' by 1660s 4. 1670 - flow of indentured servants slackened due to economic growth in England so had to take servants 5. 1672 - Royal African Company made slaves more readily available
What led to the cultivation of tobacco and the consequences of that decision? What: 1. Grows well in Southern climate - cash crop 2. Easier to cultivate - Tobacco plants set on semicleared land and cultivated with simple how Consequences: 1. Price of tobacco spiked because of tremendous increase in production 2. Alter structure of colonies 3. Big tobacco farmers had monopoly over small tobacco farmers so small farmers had to unsettled land on the frontier which is risky (NA). Might also violate colonial laws 4. Fertility of soil gets exhausted really quickly 5. Increase in cancers, asthma, etc.
What issues led to the Bacon's Rebellion? 1. Chesapeake settlers disliked Jamestown officials - henchmen used offices to line settlers' pockets & settlers hate their social pretence. 2. William Berkeley ruled for more than 30 years - too long 3. Berkeley accused of levying unfair taxes, not protecting settlers from Indian attacks, & giving high positions to his friends.
What natural factors favored life in New England? 1. Seacoast - easier transportation from colony to colony & provided salt water fish 2. Forests - have large trees that they can import with game animals and birds 3. Rivers - clear drinking water 4. Falls and rapids powered mills to grind flour 5. Valleys along river provide farmland so can harvest own food.
Discuss the rise of the Triangle Trade and explain why it's not really triangular Rise of Trade: 1. NE had just enough to eat but very little to spare. 2. Later generations didn't share same views as minister as they are more focused is to catch more fish not religion 3. Fish provided merchants with opening in to world of transatlantic commerce 4. 1643 - NE vessels traded with Spain. One of vessels had dubious distinction of initiating NE into business of african slaves trafficking Not triangular: TT is a historian term indicating trade among 3 ports/region
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