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2014 Year 10 Mocks - OCR B Spec.

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What is development? When a country is improving.
Is development more than wealth? What other factors are included? Yes, health, safety and overall well-being.
How are levels of economic well-being and quality of life measured? Development Indicators.
Give examples of two 'economic' and two 'social' economic indicators. Economic: GDP & GDP per Capita Social: Birth rate & People per Doctor.
How has development been described and mapped in the past? How valid is this? It has been mapped out as: First, Second and Third world countries. Disrespectful to Third world. MEDCs and LEDCs (Brandt line). Doesn't say which are developing and only uses wealth, not other development factors. And now Most developed countries, Newly industrialising countries, Middle income countries & Least developed countries. Most valid.
How can development be affected by aid? Aid may stop development as the recipient country becomes reliant on the aid.
Are some types of aid more sustainable then others? Long-term aid is more sustainable than short-term aid as it is aimed at developing the country so that it can improve on its own.
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