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Sex A biological terms which refers to whether you are male or female.
Gender Sociological differences. What you identify as.
Gender neutral denotation Words that don't contain morphemes with specific gender connotations. E.g: lawyer, doctor, nurse. NOT policeman.
Marked terms Includes a diminuitive suffix e.g: -ess, -ette usually used to distinguish the female form.
Semantic derogation Historically, these were differentiated by sex alone but over time have gained different connotations and in some cases denotations e.g: mistress/master.
Pejoration A semantic shift which results in a less favourable connotation over time.
Unmarked form The measured norm against which marked lexical items can be compared.
Marked form That which stands out as different from a norm.
Covert marking Marking that's understood. E.g: for the antonyms young and old (how old are you?) young is the marked term, old is unmarked.
Overt marking Marking that takes place through affixation/modification e.g: actress.
Collocation The way in which words and phrases occur over and over again in certain predictable contexts.
Gender neutral terms Many professions use politically correct terms that concern no specific gender. E.g: flight attendant instead of air hostess.
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