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Question Answer
Biased having or showing bias or prejudice
Argumentative fond of argument or dispute
Flippant disrespectful,shallow or lacking in seriousness
Tongue-In-Cheek cleverly amusing tone, not too serious 'banter'
Sarcastic using sarcasm
Critical inclined to find fault with or judge with severity often too readily
Detached separated, impartial, alone, isolated
Ironic using words to convey the meaning as the opposite of its literal meaning
Cheerful full of cheer, in good spirits,pleasant, bright
Formal in accordance with requirements/customs
Admiring to regard with wonder, pleasure or approval, express admiration
Optimistic reflecting a favourable view or outcome
Histrionic pertaining to acting, deliberately affected or self-conciously emotional, overdramatic
Positive stated, expressed, emphatic
Challenging testing ability, endurance, challenge, stimulate,thought provoking
Mischievous playfully annoying, causing annoyance or trouble
Persuasive intended to persuade
Admonitory serving to admonish, warning
Doubtful uncertain of the outcome or result, unsettled in opinion or belief
Angry feeling or showing anger/ strong resentment,wrathful
Sentimental expressing tender emotions and feelings, weakly emotional
Nostalgic a sentimental or wistful yearning for the happiness felt in a former place,time or situation
Pleading the act of a person who pleads * need more context * e.g pleading for forgiveness, asking/begging
Solemn grave, serious, earnest, mirthless
Accusatory containing an accusation, accusing
Whimsical fanciful notions eg a pixyish, whimsical fellow
Playful full of fun, jesting, pleasantly humorous
Objective something ones actions are intended to accomplish : purpose,goal,target
Impassioned filled with intense feeing of passion
Sceptical showing doubt
Awed filled with or expressing awe
Anxious mental distress or unease because of fear, danger or misfortune
Encouraging to inspire with courage,spirit or confidence
Cynical distrusting the motives of others
Innocent free from moral wrong, without sin, guiltless
Neutral not taking part in dispute or war, not supporting sides, indefinite : in the middle, cant make a decision
Threatening causing alarm,intended to menace, ominous, imminent, sinister
Emotive directed towards emotions, pertaining to emotion
Pathetic causing or evoking pity, sympathetic sadness,sorrow
Cautious showing, using or characterised by caution
Scathing harmful, bitterly severe, enraged, searing
Melancholy a gloomy state of mind, especially when prolonged, thoughtfulness, mournful, depressed, sadness
Tragic tragedy, melancholy, extremely mournful, disastrous, fatal
Tolerant inclined to tolerate, forbearing
Mocking to treat with ridicule, contempt or derision to ridicule by mimicry of actions or speech, imitate
Polite displaying god manners, refined or cultured, elegant
Serious showing deep thought, grave/somber disposition or manner, requiring thought/concentration
Despairing indicating dispair
Enthusiastic characterised by enthusiasm
Diplomatic engaged in diplomacy, tactful, skilled in a certain area
Bitter a harsh/acrid taste, hard to bear, distressful, causing pain, piercing, intense hostility ; bitter hatred
Hostile characteristic of an enemy, opposed in feeling,action or character, not friendly warm or generous ; not hospitable
Irate angry, enraged
Compassionate having/showing compassion, granted in an emergency
Sympathetic exhibiting or feeling sympathy
Pessimistic characterised by pessimism : gloomy
Melodramatic overdramatic, exaggerated emotion
Negative expressing negation or denial, refusing consent to a proposal
Empowering to give power or authority to, to enable or permit
Humorous funny,comical
Defiant boldly resistant, challenging