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Enzyme Action
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2.2 DNA Replication
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1.8 Factors Effecting Enzyme Action
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Explain why Pope Urban II called the First crusade.
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Cells and the Immune System
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Atherosclerosis and blood clotting
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DNA Replication
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Question Answer
12.2 Animal and plant diseases .
Ring rot Species: Gram-positive bacteria What it infects: potatoes, tomatoes and aubergines. Damage: Damages (tubers, fruit and leaves), destroy 80% of crops, no cure and once it infects a field it can't be used for another 2 years. Treatment: no cure
Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) Species: Virus What it infects: Tobacco plants and 150 other species. Damage: Leaves, flower and fruit. Treatment: Resistant strains but no cure
Potato/Tomato/Late Blight Species: fungus-like protist oomycete. Damage: leaves tubers and fruit. Treatment: no cure but resistant strains, chemical treatments and careful management.
Black sigatoka Species: Fungi What it infects: Bananas Damage: Digests living cells turning them black. Can cause 50% reduction in yield. Treatment: Resistant strains nd fungicide treatment. No cure
Tuberculosis (TB) Species: Bacteria What it infects: Humans, badgers, cows, pigs and deer. Damage: lung tissue and suppress the immune system which leaves you more vulnerable to other infections. Treatment: Antibiotics, preventable using vaccines.
Bacterial meningitis Species: Bacteria Damage: attacks the meninges of the brain. This can spread around the body causing septicaemia. Treatment: antibiotics if diagnosed quickly. Vaccines can prevent.
HIV(Human immunodeficiency virus)/AIDs(Aquired immunodeficiency syndrome) Species: Virus Damage: Destroys immune system, leaving the body vulnerable to other diseases. Treatment: Retroviral drugs will slow the process, but no cure or vaccine available.
Influenza (Flu) Species: Virus What it infects: many mammals Damage: Ciliated epithelial cells leaving this area vulnerable to another infection. Treatment: Annual Flu vaccines.
Malaria Species: Protist Damage: it invades blood cells, liver and the brain. Treatment: Limited cures, Control the vector, any way stop mosquitos biting people.
Ring Worm Species: Fungi Damage: Causes circular infectious grey crusty area on the skin. Treatment: Antifungal creams are a cure
Athlete's foot Species: Fungi Damage: It causes cracking and scaling between the toes. Treatment: Antifungal creams are a cure.