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Question Answer
Give two examples of a media sector. • Film / video / moving image • TV • Audio / Radio • Publishing • Digital games • Websites / Internet • Photography
Which one of the following is a digital publishing product? A TV drama B Radio news C Animation D e-Magazine D – e-Magazine
Give two examples of a production task when producing a digital game. • Constructing levels • Constructing environments • Constructing characters • Combining elements • Creating audio • Programming / Coding
Which one of the following would be considered part of the post-production process when making a music video? A Editing shot footage B Designing a flyer C Recording video footage D Writing a script A – Editing shot footage
Which one of the following would not be considered a pre-production activity when producing a radio programme? A Developing ideas B Writing a radio drama C Recording sound effects D Pitching an idea C – Recording sound effects
Give two examples of a camera movement. • Tilting • Panning • Tracking • Crane • Hand held • Zoom in/out
Give two responsibilities of the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). • Classification of films • Advising the film industry • Classification of DVDs/Videos • Consult with the Department of Media Culture and Sport • Publishes advice on film posters • Publishes advice on DVD covers • Reviewing for offensive content
Reading an e-book is an example of passive viewing. Give one other example of a digital media product that can be consumed passively. • TV / television programme • Radio broadcast • Film on a computer / laptop / tablet / smartphone • Poster • Billboard / hoarding • Flyer / pamphlet • Music products
Name the regulatory body responsible for age ratings and the categorization of computer games. Pan European Game Information / PEGI
Explain one reason why media producers use audience research data when developing ideas. • To gauge how an audience will react to a particular scenario (1) to inform refinements of format or content (1) • To demonstrate popularity and viability of ideas (1) to secure funding for further production (1)
Give two examples of pre-production tasks for a digital media product. Planning Scriptwriting Researching Location research Casting
Identify one example of a media product from the digital publishing sector. A Radio news programme B Film released on DVD C TV drama D E-magazine D – E-magazine
Give two examples of devices that can be used to access digital media.  MP3 player (iPod)  Smartphone, tablet (iPad)  Television  DVD/Blu-Ray player  Games console (Xbox, PlayStation)
Identify one example of consumer generated content. A film critic’s review column in a newspaper B A music video commissioned by a record label C A film director’s commentary on a DVD D A gamer’s walkthrough video posted on YouTube D - A gamer's walkthrough video posted on YouTube
Identify one example of personalisation. A Reading instructions for a new computer game B Making a playlist on a music streaming website C Listening to sports coverage on digital radio D Watching online news from a website B Making a playlist on a music streaming website
Give two camera angles that could be used in a moving image product.  High angle  Low angle  Canter angle/Dutch tilt  Overhead  Crane shot  Straight on/Eye line  Over the shoulder  Point of View
State two rules from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that advertisers must follow.  Adverts must be truthful  Adverts must be honest  Adverts must be legal  Adverts must be decent  Not using harmful or offensive material  Not creating misleading adverts
Give the name of the stage in the development process when a media product is made available to the audience, after it has been created.  Distribution  Advertising  Promotion  Exhibition  Publishing
a radio producer uses secondary research to develop an audience profile for a radio show. (a) Give one example of a secondary research method.  Internet research  Library research  Archive research  Reading books, articles, journals  Data analysis
(b) Explain two advantages for the producer of using audience profiling when developing a radio show. The producer can use existing data that will make the show reflect the preferences of a specific group of listeners  The producer can predict the income of the listeners to attract specific advertisers or sponsors who wish to reach this demographic through radio advertising
Give two ways that digital devices, such as smartphones, enable technological convergence.  Watching films/television on a smartphone/tablet/games console  Accessing emails on a smart TV  Browsing the web on a games console  Listening to radio
Video game producers often use stereotypical characters in games. Explain one reason why the producers use stereotypical characters.  To exaggerate characteristics for comic effect  To make the audience comfortable as it recognizes the stereotypical traits
Give one example of a digital audio product.  Audio book publishing  Digital games soundtrack  Podcast  Radio show  Digital download  Movie soundtrack
Which one of the following is an example of a digital TV product? A Poster B Website C Music video D E-newspaper C – Music video
Give one example of a production task involved in producing a TV drama.  Filming  Recording sound  Using lights  Directing action  Working as a runner  Producer
Which one of the following would be considered part of the post-production process when making a radio programme? A Recording interviews B Researching materials for an interview C Editing recorded materials from an interview D Drawing a storyboard C – Editing recorded material from an interview
Which one of the following would not be considered a pre-production activity for a television drama? A Undertaking research B Filming scenes C Writing a script D Planning logistics B – Filming scenes
Explain one way in which a tablet allows the user to interact with a media product.  A tablet can access the Internet (1) to allow the user to access emails and browse the internet (1)  A tablet can download apps (1) to allow it to make music (1)  A tablet can download apps (1) to allow it to edit photographs (1)  A tablet can download apps (1) to allow it to edit video (1)
Listening to radio is an example of media where the audience can be individual consumers. Give two other examples of media that can be consumed in this way.  Reader  Gamer  On-line shopping  Web surfing  DVD viewing
Name the regulatory body responsible for maintaining standards in advertising. Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)
Give one example of an audience demographic.  gender  age  socio-economic background  class  race  occupation
What is meant by primary audience?  The target audience for a media product  The target audience for which the media product is made.
Give two examples of digital media products from the film/video sector.  Films  Trailers/advertisements  Documentaries  Animations  Corporate or training videos  Webisode/podcasts
Which one of the following would use analogue technology? A Podcast B MP3 file C FM radio D Audio CD C –FM Radio
What is meant by the term ‘passive viewing’?  Consumer does not interact physically with the product or its content.  Consumer does not generate content.
Which one of the following is an example of a device that provides technological convergence? A SLR camera B Film projector C Games console D Analogue radio C – Games console
Sound can be used as a stylistic code to create meaning. Give two examples of sound that might be used in a creative media product to create meaning?  Music  Background  Wild track/Buzz track  Foley  Sound effects  Voice over  Dialogue  Diegetic sound
Give two regulators that are responsible for sectors within the creative media industry.  BBFC (British Board of Film Classification)  ASA (Advertising Standards Authority)  PEGI (Pan European Game Information)  PCC (Press Complaints Commission) or IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organisation)  OFCOM (Office of Communications)
One example of a type of digital game is a simulation. Give one other example of a type of digital game.  Entertainment  Educational  Fitness/sports  Training  RPG/role play/MMORPG First and third person shooter game (FPS/TPS)
Quantitative research is a type of research that uses methods such as surveys to measure audience response using numerical data. (a) Name one other type of research  Primary  Secondary  Qualitative  Focus groups/questionnaires/voting polls  Online research
Many publishers distribute magazines electronically. Give two interactive features that could be used to enhance an e-magazine.  Allow for posts and comments about the contents of the article.  To define terms that may be unfamiliar.  To play videos or animations associated with the content.  To play slideshows related to the content.
Give two types of digital media products from the publishing sector.  e-magazines/magazine  e-newspapers/newspapers  posters  flyers  adverts
Identify one example of a media product from the digital audio sector. A Movie soundtrack B Digital animation C Training video D Documentary film A – Movie soundtrack
Give two examples of post-production tasks for a video production.  Editing  Mixing soundtrack  Compression  Formatting  Grading  Adding animation  Titles  Adding voice-over
A person reads an e-book on his or her own. What type of consumption is this? Individual consumption
Identify one example of interactivity in a media product. A Reading an article in a newspaper B Texting answers in to a TV quiz show C Reading subtitles on a DVD film D Watching a trailer for a computer game B – Texting answers in to a TV quiz show
Give two examples of framing that can be used when operating a camera.  Long shot  Close-up  Medium long shot  Extreme close-up  Medium close-up  Medium shot  Overhead/from above  Over the shoulder
Internet connectivity continues to improve. (a) Give two ways that this has benefited consumers of media products.  Faster download times  Easier to access interactive content  Ability to multitask (stream music while playing games)  Higher quality/resolution products available online  Greater access for mobile devices  Greater choice  Access to global networks
Nearly every game sold in Europe is given a PEGI (Pan European Game Information) rating before it is released for sale. Give two ways that PEGI can help customers make informed choices about game purchases.  The PEGI rating for a particular age  Content advice on the packaging of the product  Provides information within adverts  Provides advice online  Identifies genre i.e. horror/violence  Receives complaints
Give two tasks used in the pre-production stage of a digital audio product.  Planning  Research  Script-writing  Budgeting  Cue-list/timings  Risk Assessments  Permissions  Produce music
A researcher collects statistics and numerical data. (a) State the type of research the researcher has done. Quantitative research
The researcher is asked to provide more information about an audience’s thoughts and opinions. State the type of research the researcher is being asked to do. Qualitative research
Explain two advantages of using secondary research methods.  Secondary research is cheaper (1) leaving more funds for production (1)  Secondary research is less time-consuming than primary research (1) leading to more time for production (1)  Secondary research tends to use a larger data set (1) collecting responses from a broader cohort (1)
A student TV production company has been commissioned to produce a reality TV show on a local, digital TV channel for a teenage audience. (a) Name three other TV genres it could produce.  Drama  Light entertainment shows  Music videos  News programmes  Factual programmes  Magazine shows  Documentaries  Soap operas
The local channel will be distributed across a range of online platforms. (b) Give one advantage for the channel of using online distribution platforms.  Enable links to sponsors  Lots of ways to advertise, increasing revenue  Facilitate feedback from its audience (through comments or sharing apps)