Group Displays of Aggression

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Evolutionary Explanations of Aggression (Unit 3)

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Neave & Wolfson (2003) AO2 -Football teams playing at home were far more likely to win than opponents, and this was because of an increase in testosterone due to the need to protect territory. -This increase was not found in away games, presumably as they did not need to protect their territory
However... AO2 for group displays -Why is football more prone to hooliganism than any other sport? -Other social factors must account for the aggression as well as a need to protect territory, and all sports have an element of threats to opposition
:) Foldesi (1996) AO2 -Greater number of violent incidents reported when national football teams played -This is an example of xenophobia
:) Chignon (1975) AO2 -Longitudinal study of Yanomamo tribe -Married male members were more likely to have been to war and killed members of opposing tribe...attractive to mates -The war had many benefits, such as acquiring land and women
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