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What is a gamete? A sex cell
What is a zygote? A fertilised cell
What kind of cells are produced from meiosis? Haploid cells
Special name for meiosis? Reduction division
What are homologous chromosomes? Matching sets of chromosomes with the same genes at the same loci
What is an allele? A different version of the same gene e.g. eye colour gene, same type of gene, different eye colours
What happens at prophase 1? - Chromosomes condense - Nuclear envelop disintegrates - Nucleolus disappears - Spindle formation begins - Homologous chromosomes pair up forming bilavents
What happens at metaphase 1? - Homologous pairs of chromosomes assemble along metaphase plate - Independent assortment = random lining up of chromosomes
What happens at anaphase 1? - Homologous chromosomes pulled to opposite poles and chromatids stay joined - Sections of DNA on 'sister' chromatids break off and rejoin at chiasmata - Forms recombiant chromatids - Genetic variation arises
What happens at telophase 1? - Chromosomes assemble at each pole - Nuclear membrane reforms - Chromosomes uncoil - Cytokinesis
What happens at prophase 2? - Chromosomes condense - Nuclear envelope breaks down - Spindle formation begins
What happens at metaphase 2? - Individual chromosomes assemble on metaphase plate - Crossing over causes independent assortment - More genetic variation
What happens at anaphase 2? - Chromatids pulled to opposite poles after division of centromeres
What happens at telophase 2? - Chromatids assemble at poles - Chromosomes uncoil - Nuclear envelope reforms - Nucleolus becomes visible - Cytokinesis
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