Sleeping Sickness (Tissue Protazoa)

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Causative agents African Tropanomyosis bruceii, subspecies rhodesiense or subspecies gambiense
T.b suspecies rhodesiense- Location East Africa
T.b suspecies rhodesiense- Anival Vector None
T.b suspecies gambiense- Location West Africa
T.b suspecies gambiense- Animal Vector Tsetse resevoir
Forms Trypomastigote and Epimastigote
Antigenic Variation Variation of extracellular antigens allows immune evasion
Life Cycle- Tsetse Bite 1 Tsetse fly injects Metacyclic trypomastigote
Life Cycle- In The Blood In the blood, converts to bloodstream trypomastigote form
Life Cycle- Multiplication In various bodily fluids, the trypomastigote multiplies
Life Cycle- Tsetse Bite 2 Blood is consumed, blood trypomastigotes convert to procyclic trypomastigotes in midgut
Life Cycle- Moving from the Midgut Move into salivary glands and convert to epimastigote form
Life Cycle- Epimastigote Conversion Epimastigote multiplies, with its offspring converting back to metacyclic trypamastigotes
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